Client testimonials

Ingrid is a powerhouse in early learning. Her gentle nature and vast knowledge is reflected in her passion for guiding and teaching others. I feel fortunate to have benefited from her support in my classroom as I evolve and reflect on my program. Her image of the child plays through in her philosophy on children and helps me remember how to achieve a child-centered learning environment.Thank you, Ingrid for dedication and passion.

Heather White

Junior Kindergarten, Progressive Academy

Working with children, youth or adults in workshops or courses Ingrid follows an intentional approach; she discovers the needs of the groups then creates teachings that will meet those needs.

Sheila Grieve

Chair ECEC, Vancouver Island University

Dr. Crowther’s astute observations of the children at play and her discussions with their teachers regarding these observations led to the creation of projects that engage the children in the world around them and inspire them to explore and inquire. The classrooms are a beehive of meaningful learning opportunities, in no small part due to Dr. Crowther’s patient coaching with regard to developmental needs and the creative learning process.

C-Anne Robertson

Executive Director, Progressive Academy

Dr. Crowther has identified the needs for Early Childhood Educators to gain knowledge of the developing child within the culture of the family and communities by composing current resources that weave theory, knowledge, understanding and empower professional ECE standards of performance.

Dr. Crowther's resources fill a niche in the early years profession, as each target program essentials through discussion, photos, samples and suggestions making these exceptional resources for all ECE's, students, family practitioners and parents.

Dr. Crowther's resources empower the ECE to facilitate programs in which respect the authentic child within culturally diverse settings (universal).

I have personally and professionally recommended these to centres, families, CBA and ECE students ... they love the practical content! Bravo Ingrid!

Janet Spittal

ECE, Adult Educator, Advisor and Assessor, PLAR Practitioner, B.Sw.

I am the Director of the Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs at Progressive Academy School. The staff and I have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Dr. Ingrid Crowther during the past several years. Dr. Crowther has presented several workshops to our staff which have been different than previous professional development in-services that we have attended. Dr. Crowther initially works alongside the staff, while they are interacting with students and delivering their program in their classrooms. Through insights gained from observations of the teachers, she is able to assess and streamline her professional development to meet their needs. By identifying concrete and relevant topics, she presents a workshop for the staff that is tailor made, current and of interest to them. As a follow up to the professional development day, the teachers are awarded a certificate of attendance when they have implemented the concepts within their program. Dr. Crowther is available to mentor and scaffold the learning of the teachers while they move towards implementing ideas presented at the workshop. As a result of the follow up work by Dr. Crowther through on- floor mentorship, the workshop has sustainable results that are visible in the programs.

Jenette McLennan

Jr/Sr Kindergarten Director, Progressive Academy

I have been a university professor for almost 50 years. I think that I was a better than average teacher, since I got high student evaluations; however, I must say that I was a ‘traditional’ lecturer in that I stood at the front of the room and lectured using the blackboard or overheads and I used ‘closed-book’ exams.

About 10 years ago, I had a discussion with my wife, Dr. Ingrid Crowther, who is an international expert on education, concerning teaching methods. As a result of this discussion, I decided to radically change the teaching methods I was using in my graduate courses at the University of Alberta.

Students were offered a ‘contact’ to demonstrate competence in six technologies that needed to be covered. Competence was set at 85% in an open-book ‘technology assessment’, which consisted of design problems. In addition, an assigned term paper could allow a student to raise individual marks.

This new ‘teaching method’ focuses on the students achieving competence. Students were more active participators in the class, learning was demonstrated through practical assignments, and it taught students how to solve problems.

Thanks to the ideas that Dr. Crowther imparted to me, this course has been very popular, and student response has been very enthusiastic.

James R. Bolton

Professor Emeritus, Western University

The first time I saw my son pick up a book and read is an exciting and memorable occasion. It may have moved me a little bit more, being a teacher and reading advocate however literacy is such a big life skill. I am a strong believer in students owning this life skill as a ticket to their future of choice. The beautiful book that Ingrid made was of student's photos and a familiar word pattern with the theme of animals that the students were learning about. My son loves this book. I have brought home many library books as a mother of two, that loves children's literature however this was the only book that my son felt comfortable and interested in to read.

Thank you Ingrid for the beautiful book, memory and security that my son required to engage in a book.

Mary McKinnon

Parent and Educator, Progressive Academy