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Consulting for Early Years Educators

As an early childhood educator, we all want to do the best for all of the children. It is often hard to follow through on all of the expectations imposed on us. We are required to interact positively with the children, set up an appropriate learning environment, observe and document children’s learning, keep up to the latest research and philosophies about young children, keep up with all the forms to fill in on a daily basis and keep families informed about their children’s daily activities.

There are many ways that can lead to effectively manage time and expectations within a childcare center. These include targeted workshops, mentorship, sharing resources with others, researching specific strategies, discussing solutions with an expert, networking with others in the same boat. The experts at Lifelong Learn have developed strategies that include all of the strategies discussed in addition to others.

I just often feel overwhelmed. I wish I could just be left to be with the children instead of doing all the other stuff.

Jennifer James

Early Childhood Educator

Developing Learning Stories - Case Study

The staff of a preschool struggled with a new concept of developing learning stories for the children in the program. The task seemed overwhelming and time consuming.

During a 1/2 day workshop, each staff member created a generic learning story based on the children in their program. The development of the learning story helped the staff to understand how to develop a learning story. For the rest of the workshop, each staff member developed one learning story for either a group or individual child within their program.

Staff members enjoyed the process and could see the value of how to create a learning story. The staff also decided to create e-based learning stories.They developed a template that could be adapted to all their needs and could be added to on a daily basis. Once completed, the learning story was sent home. Families were delighted with the process and each child received at least one learning story a year.