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Consulting for Everyone

For Grandparents, For Principals, For concerned friends, etc. Mom I thought let's put together a page where you can just describe generally your philosophy about children. Something that's for everyone who cares about children and wants to make things better. I think it would be a good place for us also to highlight iLearner as well.

I plan for us to link to here from the button "does the term problem child upset you?". I don't think we need to format this page in any way, you just put whatever you want here.

Young children learn best when they are nurtured and encouraged to explore actively in creative positive learning environments. Effective learning environments should be created in all situations - classrooms, on trips in the car, at home, or while visiting relatives. Children who are meaningfully occupied, will engage in productive activity and as a result will engage in fewer challenging behaviours. Thus, the key to successfully raising a child, rest in any adults ability to create meaningful activities and learning experiences that foster optimal development in all domains - physical, social, emotional, language,and cognitive.