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Consulting for Center Admistrators

As administrators, we all want to create an atmosphere of lifelong learning that permeates throughout the center. We want to see innovative environments that lead to positive learning experiences for all children. We want children to enjoy their experiences and to maximize their growth and development in all domains - physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive. . We want families to feel assured that their children’s and families’ needs are met and that all their questions and concerns are addressed positively.

However, it is often frustrating when despite our efforts to provide ongoing professional development for our staff, through a variety of sources we are sometimes met with seeming resistance to change or very little measurable change within children’s learning environments.

Staff experiences and education are greatly varied, and it becomes difficult to meet individual needs in a cost efficient and timely fashion. Lifelong Learn can help to decrease the financial burden and offer timely, specific, and practical solutions to all your needs. We offer a collaborative approach that can be delivered in a variety of formats including on-the floor mentorship leading to sustainable results.

Emergent Curriculum Case Study

The staff in one center was struggling with moving toward a more emergent curriculum approach. Standard practice in this center was to use a theme approach that was planned and implemented by the teachers. The teachers set up all the environment and learning experiences for the theme. As themes changed, the learning environments also changed. Several problems were observed including:

  • Lack of interest of the children to use learning areas as developed
  • Children used materials in different ways than intended, and sometimes in inappropriate ways (throwing, knocking down displayed materials, dumping, leaving areas in a mess, etc.).
  • Expected learning could not be documented
  • Enthusiasm for particular units of exploration faded
  • Staff complained about a lack of resources to effectively set up units of exploration.

On-the-floor consultation with individual staff members, documentation of children’s activities and learning environments, led to active discussion between the consultant and staff members. Staff were encouraged to set up learning experiences in one area of the room based on the children’s interests and abilities. In addition, activities were set up to encourage independent use by the children. The results amazed the staff. They became very excited about the changes in one area and wanted to try these strategies in other areas.

Before & After: