About us

About ICC LifeLong Learn Inc.

ICC Lifelong Learn was founded by Dr. Ingrid Crowther early 2002 in Edmonton Alberta Canada where its office remains today. As a company, our primary goals are to influence positive changes in children’s lives, at home, in center-based care and in the elementary school years. Through ongoing interactions with families and early-years professionals across the world, Lifelong Learn has developed innovative programs to specifically meet individual and program needs.

As a consulting firm, it is our wish to continue to facilitate the creation of a community that brings the best care and education to all children.

The LifeLong Learn Team

Ingrid Crowther

CEO - Founder

Ingrid's background includes teaching in early childhood, elementary school, university and college programs. She has presented at numerous childcare conferences both nationally and internationally. She has published articles in a variety of journals and has completed ten textbooks and a number of children’s books. She has established a demand-based publishing firm. Dr. Crowther is currently working in various jurisdictions to help produce developmentally-appropriate learning environments and curricula for children and to facilitate adult learning in early years settings. Ingrid earned her Doctor of Education in Early Childhood and the Middle years.

Viola Zimunya

Copy Editor

Viola is our copy editor in our publications and other materials. She brings with her a wealth of experience as an editor, consultant, journalist and newsroom manager. Viola started her copy-editing career at Longman Zimbabwe, an educational publishing house in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, in the ‘80s. Since then she has gone full circle as newspaper copy editor, founding editor of a women’s magazine, founding editor of an academic journal and newsroom manager in Namibia, all the time simultaneously providing freelance editorial services and consultancies to publishers and individual writers in several countries. Viola has a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Christopher Crowther


Christopher is the proud son of Ingrid and the resident technology geek for LifeLong Learn. Christopher's job, by his own definition, is trying to build technology solutions that are almost as awesome as Ingrid is. After years of travel, Christopher now calls Panama his home where he runs the company InternetMedia Pty Ltd. Christopher holds a B.A. from McMaster University and has additionally studied in Mexico, Germany, and Taiwan.

James Bolton

Director of Research

Dr. Bolton is President of his consulting company, Bolton Photosciences Inc., and an Adjunction Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. Dr. Bolton has over 300 research publications and has written 8 scientific books. Dr. Bolton is not only a scientist, but also has a broad interest in education and innovative approaches to teaching. He has taught numerous courses on how to conduct research. As the Director of Research, he conducts research on specific topics within the educational field, analyses the appropriateness of said research, and presents summaries of research findings.